The hipocricy of George Bush

Saddam executed his enemies too. George Bush will never stand trial for the war crimes he has committed.

Saddam was a CIA asset. The CIA put him in power. The CIA and Ronald Reagan sent Donald Rumsfeld to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war to deliver chemical weapons. Rumsfeld will never be tried for that crime either. And of course the hipocricy of the WMD bullshit since we gave him what he had.

So when Saddam becomes an embarassment and more of a nutjob than usual, he's removed.

Somebody should have reminded Saddam of the old adage "Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas"
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Where is instinct encoded

Watching my girlcat try to dig a nest in the sheets and comforter. How does a baby know the nipple is for sucking?

Where is instinct coded in the brain? How does this happen?

If only we knew. Knowledge "might" not be lost.

If only the human race had the time to find out.
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So this is Christmas

Whew. More death. More killing. More lies. More deceit.

Humanity once again demonstrating it's unfit to survive.

And how bout them Yangtze White dolphins!!! The nerve of them Baji going extinct like that!

Best Wishes to the world. You're going to need them :(


And why do other people hate us?

Historically, because we foment coups to supplant existing governments that do not fit our goals, or want us in their country, interfering in their politics, don't want Wal-Mart's chewing up their local businesses, etc.

We toppled the Panamanian Govt because it didn't want the Canal. So we put in a Govt that did. We supported Noriega in Nicaragua, Zia al Huq in Pakistan, the Shah in Iran, Hussein in Iraq, el Jabr in Kuwait, Al Saud in Saudi Arabia. We prop up dictators that kill their own people.

We then bring in companies that rape the economy, steal the land from the citizens, leave toxic dumps behind, and when we're done, abandon our puppets while watching the countries slide into anarchy. And walk away when the money is no longer there.

And Americans wonder why people around the world hate us?

Only the Red Staters ask that question.
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Why George Bush is weakening the US

Very simple.

You spend hundreds of billions of dollars fighting an oil war. That money is spent for fuel, replacement parts, medical expenses, etc.

That leaves hundres of billions of dollars LESS for investing in technology, new weapons, pay raises, people improvement better VA hospitals, schools etc. Without the investment in infrastructure, we become weaker.

What the Iraq War REALLY is is a war crime against the US and Iraq . It will reverberate for decades in a part of the world that already hates us. It has destroyed Iraq, killed hundreds of thousands of it's citizens and is bankrupting the US. Which of course is the point. Georges buddies make money destroying Iraq and rebuilding it. They make money on the oil used to fight the war and once in control of it, raising the cost. The US Govt goes into debt with banks who make money off interest. George Bush is the best thing to happen to the Military Industrial complex in decades. He has no conscience about what he is doing to the US and seems to enjoy doing it.
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Republicans..Facists...same thing...

There are the Taliban Right Wing who, deep down know we attacked Iraq for oil. And there are the Right Wing Taliban Baptist nutjobs who want a middle east war to hasten the end times. Either way, they're both hypocritical lying fuck jobs profiting at the expense of other humans.

Bastards >:(
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Republicans suck my dick

Fucking lying Facist bastard mofo's.

The lies, the dissembling, the evasion. I'm sick of the lying shits who have stolen our country.

Fuckers. The problem? The Electorate is fucking ASLEEP!!!!!! They wouldn't know their ass from their elbows..AND..the fuckers don't value the freedoms they've been given. Lazy sacks of shit DESERVE the lying motherfucking facist shitbags who have stolen this US right from under them.


Not even worth any more lines. And that goes for the Republicans >:(

Our Founding Fathers™ would walk away from these slack bastards and go have a Pint™ in disgust at their motherfucking apathy.

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